Bridal Set

Buy Women Online Store Traditional Rajasthani style jewelry, Kundan, is made of glass and is referred to as glass polki. An affordable version of Polki jewelry, Kundan is an elaborate layered design that has intricately joined glass stones and precious metals with enameled undersides.Introduced in India by the Polki is uncut, unfinished diamonds. These diamonds do not undergo any enhancement or a lab creation process. These diamonds are in the raw form, and have a dull vintage shine unlike a precision cut, highly polished diamond such as the one used on rings and pure diamond jewelry sets. Polki skips the several steps that makes the stone look like a diamond, therefore it is priced lower than one. Similar in look to Kundan jewelry, Polki commands much better value on exchange and resale. Just like diamond jewelry, Polki is priced at per carat based on cut, clarity and color of each piece.

On any event, jewelry is consider most important thing for a women. It helps to enhance her beauty and make her look more elegant and charming. If you are about of plan a wedding, their are lots of thing to worry about i.e wedding stage decorations, mehndi stage, mehdni thaals, venue and menu, bridal dress and most important and costly thing is jewelry. Elegant and Beautiful Bridal Necklace Sets are getting lots of popularity now a days.On wedding girls get gold jewelry which is an indication of being married in eastern countries. So Gold jewelry is most concerning thing about. Lots of new trends and styles have been introduced in jewelry design over the past few years.

Earlier people prefer to wear heavy gold jewelry on weddings, but now a days light gold jewelry is becoming famous and popular. For a bride, jewelry items are pazeb, earrings, bangles, rings, nose pin , matha pathi and necklace. For all these things, lots of items are available in different price ranges so that every one can afford them. Price varies based on metals and precious or semi precious stones in the jewelry items.